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Currency Wars & The Death of Money


“The world is getting closer to that end game every day,” says Rickards, who just finished writing the sequel to his bestselling Currency Wars. In the winter of 2009, lawyer, investment banker, and advisor on capital markets to the Director ...

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Is the Silver Bull Market Over?


This silver price is a market of extremes. Since the last Silver Summit, the price has fallen by nearly 50%, to the lowest levels since 2010. But take a longer-term view and we find from its 2008 lows, the silver ...

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Central Bankers & Gold Investment


A lot of central banker bashing goes on in the world of gold investment. This is, of course, understandable given the fiat machine they keep well oiled. However amongst their daily routine of propping up the paper markets, we all ...

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James Turk – Gold&Silver Market


In this exclusive interview, James Turk answers questions from our readers about the gold and silver market and his outlook on the economy. SMN: So something I often tell my listeners and readers is that they need to stop stressing ...

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Money Printing: Not What It Was


There are lots of reasons why QE hasn’t yet created inflation in the rich West… SO HEADLINE writers everywhere got to say money really does grow on trees today. Gold, in fact, has been found in minute quantities in eucalyptus ...

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Why Is the Price of Gold Lower Now


On Friday, October 11th, there was a market selloff in gold which sent the price plummeting down $60 per ounce. This is not exactly what already battered holders of gold needed to see. The year 2013 has been a year ...

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The Collapse Of The Dollar


In a Q&A with GoldSilverWorlds, Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, explained why the mother of all collapses is still in front of us and shared his top tips on how to protect financially. Peter ...

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A Great Inflation Is Coming


Today a man who has lived in 18 countries around the world, and witnessed collapses in many of these countries firsthand, told King World News that the globe is now beginning to see some major warning signs that indicate a ...

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The Rally In Gold Is Just Beginning

KWN Hathaway I 10 22 13

Gold and gold mining shares spent most of the third quarter backing and filling without establishing any clear direction.  Gold increased 7.6% during the quarter, closing at $1328.6/oz, but down 20.7% year-to- date.  The XAU Index of gold and silver ...

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Investing Opportunity Of A Lifetime


What happens when you bring together four of the top minds in the precious metals investing space to share insights from the front lines of gold, silver platinum and palladium investing? These excerpts from a Sprott Resources Roundtable featuring Gloom, ...

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