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Gold Prices Benefit From Economic Sins


Governments, such as the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, and Japan, spend their paper currencies as if tomorrow will never come. They act as if they believe debts can increase forever, more money will always be available, and debts can ...

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15 Most Impenetrable Bank Vaults


Even Ethan Hunt couldn’t crack these… Bank heists are extremely difficult to pull off, no matter what Hollywood might have us believe. Some vaults are so secure that robbers have heart attacks even thinking about breaking in. With that in ...

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By “Punishing” France, The US Just Accelerated The Demise Of The Dollar


In an attempt to punish France for proceeding with the delivery of the Mistral amphibious warship to Russia, the US “punishes” BNP with a failed attempt at blackmail (recall that as Putin revealed, the BNP penalty was a used as ...

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The Coming Two-Stage Rally In Silver


As the MSM, Wall Street and various so-called analysts waste time focusing on worthless and insignificant data, the price of silver is positioning itself for the coming TWO-STAGE RALLY. The majority of the precious metals analysts discuss the revaluation of ...

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Price of gold set to rise as price fixing under review


LONDON’S century-old gold price fixing, tainted by a rigging scandal and attacked by critics as old-fashioned, goes under the spotlight this week in key talks aimed at modernising the process. Analysts said that the market price of gold, which is ...

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Expect Serious Fireworks In The Gold Market


Today one of the most highly respected fund managers in Singapore told King World News that people should expect to see some serious fireworks in the gold market. Grant Williams, of the Vulpes Precious Metals Fund, also discussed the imminent ...

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Is this the end of the line for gold?


Adrian Ash, head of the research at gold dealer BullionVault, looks at how the shine has come off the precious metal… Want to blame Iraq or Ukraine for gold’s recent rise? It might be less ghoulish, and longer-lived than that. ...

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GOLD AND SILVER AND THE COLLAPSE OF THE PRESENT PARADIGM The banker’s house of cards is built on a foundation of paper money. In the beginning, gold and silver provided the stability that paper cannot offer. In 1971, gold was ...

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Singapore – The Asia Gold Hub


Singapore, an Asian hub for banking and finance, is ramping up its bid to become a center for gold trading that may one day rival London. This week the Southeast Asian city-state unveiled plans to launch a physically deliverable gold ...

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Three developing gold market situations to monitor for the rest of 2014


At USAGOLD, we are monitoring three developing situations that we believe could have a profound impact on gold demand during the remainder of the year — driving forces that could provide impetus for a classic gold run that could begin ...

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