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People Will Be Wiped Out In Coming Crash


Chris Martenson, who holds a PhD in pathology and an MBA, contends 2008 was just a warm up to a much bigger calamity. Martenson says, “2008 was the shot across the bow, and that’s when our credit experiment broke, and ...

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The modern investor’s manifesto


“The stock market is filled with people who know the price of everything, but the value of nothing.” – Philip Fisher. A personal perspective on some of the challenges facing today’s investor: 1. The Communist experiment of the planned economy ...

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Why They Hate Peace


The most succinct statement about how governments get their people to support war came from Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials after World War II: Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a ...

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Dollar Collapse Or War?


The world has never been in a position like this before, where all global currencies are fiat and dependent upon central banker power. The push for a New World Order is inexorable, and make no mistake, the monied elites are ...

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Electronic Cash: The End of Privacy


Imagine cash never existed. There are only electronic records of all our financial transactions. Then imagine the reaction from the government if cash were to be introduced. They’d be horrified. They’d fear financial collapse. They’d consider cash a weapon of ...

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140 Years of Monetary History In Ten Minutes


From “why did Nixon sever the link between currencies and gold?” to “is war good for the economy?” Mike Maloney‘s tour de force through 140 years of gold, silver, and monetary farce is indispensable as major parts of the world ...

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We Are So Not Prepared For Another Oil Shock


In one sense, energy doesn’t matter all that much to what’s coming. Once debt reaches a certain level, oil can be $10 a barrel or $200, and either way we’re in trouble. But the cost of energy can still play ...

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The Secret Reason Why The Chinese Are Buying So Much Gold


Since the Chinese current account surplus has been on a steady decline, the widely held opinion of the massive undervaluation of the yuan seems to become more susceptible to questioning as well. Therefore, a quick internationalization would make perfect sense ...

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The Gold Conspiracy


The last year in particular has seen the emergence somewhat into the mainstream of the idea that there are reasons for the gold price to be manipulated. Previously this was hardly mentioned outside of the tireless work of the folks ...

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Silver: The Undercover Super Metal


Silver has a reputation for being gold’s less desirable sister, but make no mistake, silver may still be a golden opportunity to invest in. You might be surprised to know that silver plays a part in many everyday things you ...

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