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Currency Wars – Who’s Next?


Central banks are in combat mode. On the front lines: Europe, Denmark, Canada, Switzerland, Peru and India. Each of their central banks has taken unprecedented and dramatic action to ease policy and weaken their currencies in the past few days. ...

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Will China Pull a “Switzerland” on the U.S. Dollar?


Peter Schiff Discusses in Detail The Swiss De-Peg, Central Banks and Gold Source GoldSilver.com Looking for a secure way to buy physical gold and silver? GoldMoney company offers you 6 months of FREE storage if you sign-up and buy physical ...

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Will Denmark be the next country to cause currency chaos?


In the aftermath of the market panic triggered by the Swiss National Bank’s shock decision to scrap its euro ceiling for the franc, investors are asking whether Denmark could do the same. Denmark is the last major economy to peg ...

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Sound Money and the Ring of Truth


We Americans no longer carry gold and silver money in our pockets and purses as our grandparents did during their lives. But we still carry the history, legacy and spirit of those gold and silver coins in our language – ...

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Russian Economy in Crisis – Will We See Contagion?


Georgetown University School of Foreign Service Professor Angela Stent and West Shore Funds Chief Global Strategist James Rickards discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin and investing in Russia. They speak on “Street Smart. The economy is in pretty bad shape. The ...

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This Is What Gold Does In a Currency Crisis


To say that gold is in a bear market is to misunderstand both gold and markets. Gold isn’t an investment that goes up and down. It is money in the most basic store-of-value sense. Most of the time it just ...

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Anti-Gold Propaganda


Gold is hated more than ever by both governments and the financial services community. This is because it has now become imperative to keep the illusion of confidence in sovereign debt and paper currencies. To that end, a gentleman by ...

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Gold-Backed Currency? Not Any Time Soon


Last year, many in 2013 were calling for the price of gold and silver to double, and more! Then came 2014 and those dashed hopes were pushed back to the second half of 2014. Earlier, in the first half of ...

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Hyper-Printing The $100 Federal Reserve Fiat Note vs Gold


The amount of leverage in the U.S. Dollar fiat currency system reached an all time high in 2013. Even though the growth in total U.S. currency more than doubled since the collapse of the Housing and Investment banking system in ...

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How Can There Not Be a Currency Crisis?


Below you can see well known financial blogger Mish Shedlock’s full presentation from the recent Casey Research Summit. He covers a lot of ground including will we see inflation or deflation, velocity of money and why he thinks there’s no ...

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