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16 Investment Insights – Money, Markets, And Metals In 2015


This is a summary of the key investment insights from 6 top fund or money managers, as well as top traders, including Jim Rickards and Ronald Stoeferle (well known in the precious metals community worldwide), during the quarterly Incrementum Advisory ...

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Gold Cycles: Is It Different This Time?


Gold and the Franc both function as safe haven assets, my hope has been that Gold would capture some of the flight-to-safety trade. It’s obvious that the massive move into Sovereign debt is purely a safety play designed to protect ...

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Gold In 2015: Twelve Winning Months?


1. Gold is off to a great start this year. That’s the daily gold chart, and it looks superb. 2. The strongly bullish technical action reflects the positive fundamentals of the gargantuan Chinese and Indian jewellery markets. Those two nations ...

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New Gold Fix To Be Run By Western and Chinese Banks


Financial authorities are undertaking an assessment of financial benchmarks in the wake of a series of scandals, including over the gold fix. The new system is set to replace the current one which is currently being run by just four ...

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Gold’s star rises, eclipsing platinum’s shine


It was a well anticipated rise for the gold price following confirmation from the European Central Bank that it is to start quantative easing, and the increase in interest has been reflected at GoldMoney. Double volume Dealing Manager at GoldMoney, ...

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Gold Price Model Says Gold Is Still Undervalued


Gold hit a price low of approximately $1,140 in early November 2014. Since then it has rallied dramatically, possibly because of global fears about the financial system, the Swiss National Bank removing its peg to the Euro, more QE, escalating ...

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Why Gold Price Manipulation is Now a Global Effort


A lot of people think about gold as a percentage of total reserves. So countries have reserves. What percentage of your reserves consist of gold? For example, a lot of people are surprised to learn that the United States has ...

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Gold Price Exploding In All Currencies Worldwide


Gold and gold stocks are on the move after the surprise move from the Swiss National bank to remove its currency cap versus the euro this week. This highlights gold’s valuable role as a store of value when currency volatility ...

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Gold & Silver: 2014 in Review & Some Prognostications for 2015


Our guess is that 2014 should be a return to gold and silver finishing above where they started the year. Though given the length of this correction it could be a while before we get back to new highs (see ...

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Marc Faber: Gold will rally 30% in 2015


Gold has absorbed its fair share of the commodities-market blows in recent years, but now is the time to move back into the precious metal, according to superbear Marc Faber. ‘The only way to short [central banks] is to go ...

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