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Gold Was Up 73% Last Year!


Dmitry sipped his coffee drink at his favorite café in Moscow, flipping through the newspaper in front of him. It was full of bad news: currency troubles, ongoing sanctions from the West, rising inflation, and more. But he ignored all ...

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Gold Beat All Other World Currencies in 2014


“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” ~J.P. Morgan in 1912 Loyal readers of our Investor Alert and my blog Frank Talk are no doubt aware that the U.S. dollar’s rising strength has put pressure on commodities such as oil ...

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10 Remarkable Gold And Silver Trends Going Into 2015


Our belief is that it will take some time until the price will move back in line with these fundamental trends. Until then, gold or silver owners can rest assured that the gold and silver market is not as bad ...

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Gold retains position as safe haven for 2015


Gold has retained its place as a safe-haven investment in 2014, despite the rising strength of the US dollar and turmoil elsewhere in commodity markets. The price has remained stable and what’s more, experts believe that the long- term outlook ...

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Technical Gold Price Target For 2015


This article explores the technical picture in the gold chart at the end of 2014. Based on Fibonacci analysis and chart structures, some technical targets are in play. Courtesy of StockCharts.com, authored by Arthur Hill. The first chart shows Spot ...

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Gold Price 2015: Forecasts And Predictions


We offer in this article a comprehensive overview of different forecasts and predictions for the price gold in 2015. We have selected 6 bullish gold forecasts and predictions for gold in 2015, and 9 neutral to bearish stances towards gold ...

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The Price Of Gold And The Art Of War


When growth slows in capital markets, the bankers’ daisy-chain of credit and debt breaks down; setting in motion defaulting debt which ends in recession, deflation or, in extreme cases, a deflationary depression. A deflationary depression is a fatal monetary phenomena ...

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How much longer can gold price intervention go on?


Ronald Stoeferle: How much longer can gold price intervention go on? Answering the question for how long this can go is quite hard. The “powers to be” are able to control markets and situations for much longer than most of ...

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Gold Price Chart Shows Potential Of A Triple Bottom


This is a short article with some observations on the daily and weekly gold charts. There is no technical analysis involved but rather a summary of the observation of short and long term trendlines. Courtesy of Stockcharts.com. After dropping below ...

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Gold Prices Kept Low But Only For Americans


The SGT Report interviewed GoldCore’s Head of Research Mark O’Byrne over the weekend. Topics covered in the interview included: Gold performing well in all currencies in 2014 A yes vote to Swiss gold referendum would have been “icing on cake” ...

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