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China Controls the Gold Price


In addition to the latest excellent study of the Chinese gold market by the World Gold Council, we have received other reports on the Chinese gold market that differ with the conclusions drawn by the World Gold Council. But we ...

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Is Gold Price Manipulation Good Or Bad For Gold Investors?


We can’t ignore it anymore – the markets are rigged. The LIBOR scandal broke almost two years ago, and the banks found responsible for manipulating that key index are still dealing with lawsuits. Meanwhile, allegations of gold market manipulation have ...

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Time to Admit That Gold Peaked in 2011?


Have you seen this “real price of gold” chart that’s been making waves? Among other things, it purports to show the gold price adjusted for inflation over the past 223 years. Notice the 1980 vs. 2011 levels. The chart makes ...

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Gold backwardation


James Turk says the Ukraine crisis can affect the price of gold. Turk says, “Whenever there is global tension, people go to safety, and one of the greatest safe havens of all-time has been gold. It’s been money for 5,000 ...

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Military Wars, Economic Wars, Currency Wars


Today a 42-year market veteran warned King World News that the world now faces military wars, economic wars and currency wars. He also believes this could easily lead to $10,000 gold and included an important chart. Below is what Egon ...

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10 Questions About Gold Investing In 2014


In this article, author Gary Christenson provides answers on ten very common questions about investing in precious metals (gold in particular) in 2014. With the gold price 40% off its peak, 2.5 years in a declining pattern on the chart, ...

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Very Bullish on Natural Gas


Legendary and widely-acclaimed mining expert Pierre Lassonde, Chairman of Franco-Nevada (FNV) and President of Newmont Mining (NEM) from 2002-2006, recently spoke with Financial Sense for a wide-ranging interview on the mining industry, gold, and, lastly, natural gas. Do you think ...

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Does the Gold Price reflect true gold Demand and Supply?


Despite the furore surrounding the Gold Fix [unfairly, we believe] it is a singularly determined attempt amongst commodities to set a twice daily price that does reflect demand and supply of gold, at those moments. To understand this we have ...

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Power Of Elites More Important Than China’s Gold


Being successful in trading has a lot to do with finding the developing “story” behind the price structure of a market.  We had good results in February because we keyed into some very important pieces of market information that would ...

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The Screaming Fundamentals For Owning Gold


n 2001, as the painful end of the long stock bull market finally seeped into my consciousness, I began to grow quite concerned about my traditional stock and bond holdings. Other than a house with 27 years left on a ...

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