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The War In Gold Heats Up


Gold and gold mining shares recovered during the first quarter with the metal rising 6.5% and precious metals shares (basis XAU) 8.7% through March 31st. It appears to us that the precious metals complex has bottomed and is attempting to ...

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$9,000/oz gold could back world currency


A post-dollar world may emerge with a global currency that could be backed by gold, Currency Wars author Jim Rickards argues in his latest book. A further collapse of the global economy and a resulting demise of the US dollar ...

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Why Did Gold Crash In April 2013?


Gold’s 13 percent crash in April 2013, representing a sudden and steep decline of $200 per ounce over two momentous days, set the floor for gold’s poor performance in 2013, which saw its worst showing since 1981. The cause of ...

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