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Gold Beat All Other World Currencies in 2014


“Gold is money. Everything else is credit.” ~J.P. Morgan in 1912 Loyal readers of our Investor Alert and my blog Frank Talk are no doubt aware that the U.S. dollar’s rising strength has put pressure on commodities such as oil ...

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Why You Need to Own Gold In 2015 and Beyond


Honest money in the form of physical gold is the solution. Gold coins, bars, and rounds represent value that cannot be inflated away. In the long run, no other asset offers the same track record — particularly during turbulent times. ...

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Global Financial System Headed For Major Disaster In 2015


Today a man who has been involved in the financial markets for 50 years warned King World News that the world is headed for a major disaster 2015. John Embry, who is business partners with billionaire Eric Sprott, said the ...

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2015: Factors to Watch Out For Gold, Silver


At the beginning of 2014, very few expected crude oil to fall to $54, very few expected silver to fall like anything. No one expected Indian stock markets to rise to new historical highs. The Crimean issue resulting in the ...

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Gold retains position as safe haven for 2015


Gold has retained its place as a safe-haven investment in 2014, despite the rising strength of the US dollar and turmoil elsewhere in commodity markets. The price has remained stable and what’s more, experts believe that the long- term outlook ...

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Gold Price 2015: Forecasts And Predictions


We offer in this article a comprehensive overview of different forecasts and predictions for the price gold in 2015. We have selected 6 bullish gold forecasts and predictions for gold in 2015, and 9 neutral to bearish stances towards gold ...

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The Price Of Gold And The Art Of War


When growth slows in capital markets, the bankers’ daisy-chain of credit and debt breaks down; setting in motion defaulting debt which ends in recession, deflation or, in extreme cases, a deflationary depression. A deflationary depression is a fatal monetary phenomena ...

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This Is What Gold Does In a Currency Crisis


To say that gold is in a bear market is to misunderstand both gold and markets. Gold isn’t an investment that goes up and down. It is money in the most basic store-of-value sense. Most of the time it just ...

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Europeans want their gold back


Right across Europe, over the course of the last year, a series of European countries have been demanding that their gold reserves, which are often stored in different nations, are bought back home. What it reflects, however, is a growing ...

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Why Gold & Oil Are Trading So Differently


Gold worth a trade, oil not so much: Barry Ritholtz A short-term shine for gold is possible says Barry Ritholtz of Ritholtz Wealth Management. Source The Big Picture Looking for a secure way to buy physical gold and silver? GoldMoney ...

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