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2015: Factors to Watch Out For Gold, Silver


At the beginning of 2014, very few expected crude oil to fall to $54, very few expected silver to fall like anything. No one expected Indian stock markets to rise to new historical highs. The Crimean issue resulting in the ...

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The Long-Term Charts Indicate A Massive Rally In Silver


As the Dow breaks through the 18,000 level and the U.S. Dollar Index surges through 90, below are two incredibly fascinating 45-year charts of the silver market as we come to the end of 2014. This is the type of ...

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Catch the 2015 Silver Tsunami Return-Wave


The Three Digit Silver Price is on the Way! Source GoldSilver.com Looking for a secure way to buy physical gold and silver? GoldMoney company offers you 6 months of FREE storage if you sign-up and buy physical metals via GoldReference ...

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17 Reasons Why I Trust Silver


Silver and Dollar Charts: – The weekly silver chart shows important lows – in 2007, another in early 2010, another in mid-2012, and another about now. They are separated by approximately 128 weeks. – Those cycle lows are matched with ...

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Silver Demand for Industrial Applications Forecasted at 680 Million Ounces in 2018


Total silver industrial demand is forecast to grow 27 percent, adding an additional 142 million ounces of silver demand through 2018 compared with 2013 levels, according to a new report issued today by the Silver Institute. Half of this growth ...

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Silver Will Smash Gold’s Performance In 2015


I know it’s a bold prediction: silver prices are going to surprise investors and provide them with better returns than gold bullion. I say this because both the fundamental and the technical pictures for silver continue to improve. The supply ...

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Physical Demand For Gold And Silver Is Stunning


With crude oil tumbling over $2 a barrel and the gold and silver rout continuing, today James Turk spoke with King World News about the ongoing smash in gold and silver and what is happening in the physical market for ...

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Silver Signaling Oncoming Deflation?


Join Mike Maloney for a sneak preview of his latest ‘Insider Update’, recorded on Oct 31 2014. Deflation and market sentiment are discussed. Looking for a secure way to buy physical gold and silver? GoldMoney company offers you 6 months ...

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An Ebola Armageddon Could Trigger a Rebirth in Gold and Silver Prices


Could an infectious disease kill the monster that has been choking gold and silver prices for more than a year? On the heels of a lively Sprott Precious Metals Roundtable discussion, The Gold Report caught up with investor Eric Sprott ...

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Industrial demand revival to turn silver into gold


Silver may be the new gold. The reason is prices have fallen sharply compared to gold. As a result, the gold/silver ratio has risen to a five-year high. The ratio shows the ounces of silver you can buy with one ...

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