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BullionVault: Free Storage & Insurance Offer (up to $48 max.)


Take advantage of BullionVault Free Storage & Insurance offer detailed below. The offer is open to new users only and is valid until midnight GMT 30 June 2014. Once a new user has deposited a minimum of $5,000 (or equivalent ...

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A Few Reasons to Consider Buying Silver


The recent major selloffs in silver have given investors an excellent chance to accumulate a long-term position in physical holdings and silver companies. As the price has come down, I have been recommending for some time to dollar cost average ...

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Buying Physical Gold and Silver from BullionVault


In this article we’ll focus on BullionVault, our trusted dealership of physical gold and silver. BullionVault gives private investors around the world access to the professional bullion markets. You can benefit from the lowest costs for buying, selling and storing ...

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Why The Silver Bear Market Is About To End


After three years of declining silver prices, Jeff Clark from Casey Research believes the bear market is coming to an end. In particular, he is looking at several data points which he explains in this article. First off, from an ...

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Frequently Asked Questions on Silver


These are the most frequently asked questions that I get. In Phoenix, I spoke from memory on the following topics, and my answers went something like this: Before I get started, let me introduce the topic of Silver with one ...

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When Silver Was $50/oz


Silver prices hit $50 three years ago this week. It was on April 25, 2011 that silver traded $49.80 per ounce in the New York spot market. That means silver traded $50 somewhere. There was a lot of business going ...

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10 Questions About Gold Investing In 2014


In this article, author Gary Christenson provides answers on ten very common questions about investing in precious metals (gold in particular) in 2014. With the gold price 40% off its peak, 2.5 years in a declining pattern on the chart, ...

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Protect With Physical Silver Against The Financial Winter


As part of our research to unveil the best tactics and strategies to protect against the upcoming tsunami in monetary and financial markets, we have reached out to Charles Savoie, author and researcher, with a tremendous knowledge of precious metals ...

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The truth about gold in the long run


I’ve been spending a lot of time lately helping retirees try to figure out how to maximize their returns and yield on their money — and trying to find anything safe, which historically yields a measly 5%, is keeping me ...

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