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The World Is Now On The Cusp Of Total War


As the world grows increasingly concerned about the fighting in Ukraine, especially in the aftermath of a large bomb being detonated last night, today former U.S. Treasury official, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, warned that the world is now on the ...

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Historic Revolt Against Corrupt Western Banksters


Today one of the greats in the business told King World News that a historic revolt against corrupt Western banksters is now underway. He also cautioned that a “ticking time-bomb” is set to explode and discussed what this will mean ...

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Gold-Backed Currency? Not Any Time Soon


Last year, many in 2013 were calling for the price of gold and silver to double, and more! Then came 2014 and those dashed hopes were pushed back to the second half of 2014. Earlier, in the first half of ...

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Lesson from the Election: People Want Less Government


The lesson I draw from the Republican victories in the 2014 election is that people want less government. Since 2009 the number of Democratic Senators fell from 58 to 45, the number of democratic House members fell from 256 to ...

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Germany’s eurosceptic party begin selling gold


Germany’s rising Eurosceptic party, riding high following its recent electoral successes, has branched out in a somewhat surprising direction – and entered the gold-trading market. The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has started selling gold bars and coins online, to raise ...

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Hold some gold. Better safe than sorry

Images Of Gold At Gold Expo

Coming back to gold, Russia has been purchasing gold strongly in recent months. It purchased some 18.6 tonnes in June alone. It looks to be preparing itself for a period of financial attacks and sees gold as the best insurance ...

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Why They Hate Peace


The most succinct statement about how governments get their people to support war came from Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials after World War II: Why of course the people don’t want war. Why should some poor slob on a ...

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We Are So Not Prepared For Another Oil Shock


In one sense, energy doesn’t matter all that much to what’s coming. Once debt reaches a certain level, oil can be $10 a barrel or $200, and either way we’re in trouble. But the cost of energy can still play ...

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Gold, Silver, Oil, Gas Jump On


Gold consolidated near a two-week high today and is set for the first back to back weekly advance since April, as concerns that a U.S. recovery may be stalling and geopolitical risks in the Middle East led to safe haven ...

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Eurasian Economic Union Agreement Signed


President of Russia Vladimir Putin, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev and President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko signed the Agreement on the Eurasian Economic Union in Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan, where the Supreme Eurasian Economic Council met. The agreement is ...

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