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25% Precious Metals In Faber’s Portfolio

The share of precious metals in Faber’s total portfolio:

“I recommend an asset allocation of about 25% in equities; 25% in fixed income, securities and cash; 25% in real estate; and 25% in precious metals—gold, silver. I think I have around 25% in gold whereby I don’t value my gold. I have it and it’s my insurance policy. It is important that one day when the so-called shit hits the fan—and I think the Fed is well on its way to creating that situation—you have access to your gold, that it is not taken away.”

The end game:

“When the US government has to issue treasuries to pay the interest on its maturing debt. That will be the end game – then you are dealing with a collapse in the currency.”

Source GoldSilverWorlds

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