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5 Reasons Why The Gold Price Could Have Bottomed at $1,180

The yellow metal has fallen nearly 40% from its 2011 high above 1900 to trade below 1200 at the start of this week, mirroring Columbus’s own fall from grace as more of his transgressions have been brought to light. We want to highlight five reasons that gold may not be irreparably damaged:

1) Strong Previous Support at 1180
The first and most obvious reason that gold may bounce from here is that it tested strong previous support at 1180 earlier this week. This support level put a floor under the metal’s price in both June and December of 2013, leading to a 200 point rally in each case. While gold has been putting in a series of lower highs over the last few years, a bounce back toward at least 1300 is possible off this key floor.

2) Bullish Gartley Pattern Projects a Rally off 1180
In addition to representing a key level of previous support, the 1180 level also marks the completion of a multi-month Bullish Gartley “222” pattern. For the uninitiated, this formation is named after the author (H.M. Gartley) and page number (222) of the first book to describe it (Profits in the Stock Market) way back in 1935. In essence, it helps traders identify higher-probability turning points in the market from the confluence of multiple Fibonacci levels.
In this case, the 100% retracement of XA, 161.8% Fibonacci extension of BC, and ABCD pattern (where the AB leg is the same length as the BC leg) all converge at 1180 (see chart below). When multiple different support levels converge, the probability of a rally from that floor is increased.

Source GoldSilverWorlds

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