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8 Reasons for Nickel, Platinum & Palladium

The Platinum Group Metals (PGM’s) and Nickel both outperformed the equity markets, 30 year bond and other nickelmetals in 2014 and such performance should continue going forward for many years to come. Here’s why.

  1. Labor strikes in South Africa are ongoing
  2. Economic sanctions with Russia which could add to nickel and palladium shortage
  3. Auto sales continue to increase in China to record levels and PGM’s are used in catalytic converters to control air pollution
  4. Indonesia’s export ban of nickel is comparable to announcing the OPEC nations cutting off oil supply
  5. Rapidly growing cities in emerging economies are building skyscrapers, pipelines, bridges, power plants, etc. all of which require stainless steel
  6. Existing PGM and nickel production growth.
  7. China, the largest growing consumer of these metals, has very little domestic production.
  8. Very few high quality and advanced mining projects in stable jurisdictions are in the project cupboard.

Source munKNEE


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