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A Great Inflation Is Coming

Today a man who has lived in 18 countries around the world, and witnessed collapses in many of these countries firsthand, told King World News that the globe is now beginning to see some major warning signs that indicate a “Great Inflation” is coming that will “shock the world.”  Keith Barron, who consults with major companies around the world and is responsible for one of the largest gold discoveries in the last quarter century, also spoke about these incredible warning signs and what they mean for key markets such as gold.

Barron:  “We are going to see destructive inflation creeping around everywhere.  Household goods, groceries, medical costs, insurance, things like that are going to continue to surge in price.  So, despite the propaganda, yes, inflation is happening in America and elsewhere. But the end game for America will come when people don’t want to hold their currency anymore.  At that point, you will have this incredible velocity of money as people holding dollars panic out of them.  Here is an early warning sign, or indicator:  There are some very curious things going on right now, and this has to do with the international art market.

For people who follow the various auctions at Sotheby’s or Christie’s, the amount of money they are getting at these auctions for fine art is unimaginable.  We are seeing astonishing 100% gains in just 6-to-8-months, in many cases, for fine art.  These art pieces are flying out of the auction houses at stratospheric prices.

Source KingWorldNews

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