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Another Gold Indicator Flashing Buy

We just read this interesting article from Stansberry & Associates Jeff Clark (not to be confused with Casey Research’s Jeff Clark whose articles we also sometimes feature). headlined:

Gold Soared 80% the Last Time This Indicator Flashed “Buy”

It got us thinking about how this same gold indicator might look for gold in NZ Dollars. But first we better Jeff Clark run through his explanation before we give our gold in NZ Dollar version of it afterwards: “[W]e’re likely about to get a “buy” signal from one long-term gold-buying indicator. The last time this indicator flashed “buy,” gold soared 80% in a little more than two years…”

Well, bold words from Mr Clark saying “gold is about to soar.” It certainly doesn’t feel like it currently. Gold remains firmly in limboland with it having not really gone anywhere these past few months. As we’ve said in recent newsletters we’d have to see it move above the highs in March before we got too excited. But Jeff Clark seems to think we are getting close to having a crack at them now.

Source Gold Survival Guide

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