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Are You Mainstream Or Deviant?

Consider our economic world from two perspectives:

The Deviant View – as represented by those who visit deviantinvestor.com, read alternate media, are skeptical of the “official” news, and who critically examine the financial world.

The others – call it the mainstream media view.

The Deviant view:  Gold has bottomed, the US deficit will expand, the national debt will continue its exponential increase, and consumer prices for the things we need, such as food and energy, will substantially increase.  War, fraud, and corruption will increase prices more rapidly.

The Mainstream View:  You can keep your health plan, NSA spying on everyone is mostly good, wars keep the economy healthy and moving, the stock market will continue to roar higher, and, as former Vice President Dick Cheney stated, “Reagan proved that deficits don’t matter.”

Another view on gold:  The following are comments that I have paraphrased from another site that dislikes gold.  (I disagree with all of these comments.)

  •     If and when humanity advances, the value of gold will be zero.
  •     The problem is that gold is not an asset because it produces no return.
  •     Gold is not only high-risk but also costly since it pays no return.
  •     Gold is not a savings vehicle.

I express my opinions and I expect others to do the same.  There will be disagreements.  We all experience the consequences of our thoughts and actions.  This is why it is so important to perceive economic reality clearly.  A belief in current delusions and the uselessness of gold will be expensive.

Source Gold Silver Worlds

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