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Bull market or bear market – where does gold stand now?

This week London played host to the Mine and Money conference. Hosting a wealth of companies and big names in this space, the big question everyone was asking was what the future had in store for precious metals. There were some top keynote speakers at the conference who were all on hand to offer their views on the current gold correction and what would be the catalyst to drive it back up to new highs.

As Lawrie Williams writes below, bank analysts appear to be totally reactive in their forecasts, therefore it is worth paying attention to those who have spent a long time not only analysing these markets but also been in them for significant periods.

The key points coming from notable speakers such as Rick Rule, John Hathaway and Ross Norman seem to be comparisons of the current crisis to events in the 1970s, the chances of the US Fed tapering and the movement of physical gold from West to East. Which brings us back to John Hathaway who recommends buying physical gold as a form of protection against the greater financial picture.

Source Resource Investor

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