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Donate button PayPalDo you appreciate our website? Did it lead you to start making further Internet research to educate yourself? We hope so! That’s kind of why we are here.

If you want to support our team’s mission we would appreciate your donation.

Where will the money go?

First of all to finance the costs of managing and maintaining this website.

Secondly, we would like to further develop coaching and training material to offer a new dimension to our services and to your financial education.

We believe that there is a great need for financial education of both young and old. This is a global subject that demands accessible material and efficient learning tools, adapted into many languages. We are already onto something, but we realize that this will require more time and money.

Once we have sufficient means to finance the above, we will either deactivate this Donation page, or further expand our services to our audience. The subject of personal finance education is huge. It’s global. And it requires all of us to make an effort.

Maximum or minimum donation

There are no set limits; that’s for you to decide.

When clicking the PayPal button above, you simply type the amount (in Euro) that you want to donate. It is a one-off amount, and you will use your card as for any other payment you would make online. We will not have access to your payment details; that information remains between you and PayPal.

Why PayPal? Who are they?

PayPal has provided this payment service for a number of years. It’s easy, secure and fast. It’s also the cheapest way for us to handle any amount received in donations. International transfers would be too expensive and complex if we were to handle it on our own. PayPal allows you to keep track of your money, and will provide a receipt once your donation transfer is confirmed. Learn more about PayPal here.

Other things you can do to support our work

For many people, giving money makes little sense, while others may not have the money to give. In any case, this is a personal choice.

Here is a list of 7 other things you can do to support us:

  1. Send an email to all your family and friends and tell them about our www.goldreference.com website
  2. “Share”, “Like” and follow us on Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.
  3. Invite your family and friends to discuss the “taboo” subject of personal finance, gold, economy and YOUR FUTURE
  4. Take action to improve your understanding of personal finance and how you yourself can take control of YOUR FUTURE
  5. Encourage each other to further educate yourselves, search the internet, talk to one another, share your knowledge with others
  6. Visit our site often! We have daily updates with news and videos from relevant blogs, news sites and YouTube channels
  7. Drop a line to give us your feedback

We would also be glad to hear your personal experience on how YOU took control of your own financial situation; which actions you took, etc. We would be more than happy to update our site with your “Take Action” advice, with your permission of course.

GoldReference Team

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