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ThorGoldReference.com™ is created to give you simple explanations on WHY to invest, WHAT to buy, and HOW to acquire PHYSICAL gold & silver.

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We believe taking responsibility for its own personal finance is crucially important.

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Basic financial education – why is it so important?

Financial education is something we believe to be totally lacking in the current school system; this is generally the case in all countries that we know of. Can you think of one example of a national school system where children actually learn how to deal with money and take financially-sound decisions for themselves and their family? Neither do we. The result is financial ignorance.

Financial ignorance is dangerous. Financial ignorance is relying on someone else’s advice and decision-making on issues that concern you and your family’s financial well-being and freedom. Financial ignorance is not taking responsibility and simply blaming someone else for any mistakes that occur.

For us financial education is about acquiring the necessary vocabulary and basic know-how of personal finance and economics 101 to secure and advance yours and your family’s financial well-being today and for the future. We believe that the most essential financial education can be learned without any numbers or complex equations.

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Be inspired, tell your friends, and get together to collectively find ways to get ahead financially.

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