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Germany’s eurosceptic party begin selling gold

Germany’s rising Eurosceptic party, riding high following its recent electoral successes, has branched out in a somewhat surprising direction – and entered the gold-trading market.

The Alternative for Germany (AfD) has started selling gold bars and coins online, to raise funds for its operations.

The AfD, which is not so much anti-EU as anti-Euro, has built its success on a central platform of getting rid of the common currency – but its latest move is not some hare-brained attempt to return to the Gold Standard. Instead, it is a somewhat elaborate scheme to get around Germany’s party funding laws.

Political parties are entitled to up to €5 million from the state in Germany, but under the rules they must raise at least 50 per cent of their funding from private sources.

The AfD has started gold trading in order to increase its own private fundraising to the €5m mark, so it can claim its full allowance from government coffers.

Source The Telegraph

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