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Gold Prices Kept Low But Only For Americans

The SGT Report interviewed GoldCore’s Head of Research Mark O’Byrne over the weekend.

Topics covered in the interview included:

  • Gold performing well in all currencies in 2014
  • A yes vote to Swiss gold referendum would have been “icing on cake” for gold market
  • Existing fundamentals sound due to India and China demand and Russian, Chinese and other central bank demand
  • Germans can’t get their gold reserves. Do how did the Dutch get their 122 tonnes of gold?
  • Is Germany being prevented from holding gold to prevent independent foreign policy action?
  • The mind boggling scale of the U.S. $18 trillion national debt and over $100 trillion to $200 trillion in unfunded liabilities
  • How humongous is a billion, a trillion and a quadrillion?
  • The illusion of digital “wealth” and the coming wealth transfer when system implodes

Source GoldCore

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