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Gold Repatriation Request

Gold is big news around the world, except in the United States.

ndeed, gold has not been mentioned in any of the speeches or un prompted public utterances of any Federal Reserve President with respect to monetary policy for years. The focus in the U.S. is not the price of gold or how much gold the U.S. or any other country has, but what the Federal Reserve might do with respect to manipulating interest rates or launching another round of quantitative easing.

Here is a recap of gold news around the world the past few weeks:

  • The Netherlands Repatriates 122.5 Tons of Gold From the New York Federal Reserve
  • Opposition Party In France Sends Gold Repatriation Letter to the Bank of France
  • Save our Swiss Gold Referendum – November 30, 2014
  • Russia Adds 150 Tons of Gold to its Reserves in 2014
  • European Central Bank Contemplates Gold Purchases
  • China Continues To Produce and Import Massive Amounts of Gold
  • Chinese Gold Reserves Estimated at 16,000 Tons
  • Alan Greenspan Makes His Points About Gold at the Council on Foreign Relations
  • Gold activity in India recently has been muted due to government duties on imports.

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