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Gold To Silver Ratio – Sentiment

This is my anecdotal interpretation of silver and gold sentiment from a high of 10 to a low of 1:

10. Silver is fantastic! I want to invest every last dollar into silver because I know it will quadruple by next year!
9. Gold is going great. I wish I had bought lots more a couple years ago!
8. Silver is a great investment. I spoke to my brother-in-law about buying more silver last night.
7. Gold looks good at this juncture. We might see a short term correction but long term gold should go much higher.
6. Silver investing can be dangerous but it has built a nice base and should be a safe buy at this time.
5. Gold belongs in the portfolio of most investors. We suggest a 3% allocation.
4. Silver has disappointed most investors for some time but I think we have a credible bottom here.
3. Gold is making me angry. I lost my ass on the stuff and now I’m just praying to break even.
2. Silver is a total disappointment! I should have bought S&P Index ETFs, or bond funds, or Florida Condos, or anything but silver. Silver was a huge mistake and the “gold bugs” are “out-to-lunch.”
1. I never want silver or gold mentioned in this house again! Investing in silver is for fools, and gold is useless. Goldman Sachs was right. I hate the gold bugs and precious metals crazies and hard money crackpots who rant and rave about putting my savings into such useless crap.

Source The Deviant Investor

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