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Historic Revolt Against Corrupt Western Banksters

Today one of the greats in the business told King World News that a historic revolt against corrupt Western banksters is now underway. He also cautioned that a “ticking time-bomb” is set to explode and discussed what this will mean for the world.

Further, he has correctly observed that debt from the bailouts of the so-called troika€ – the IMF, ECB and the European Commission – does not help get Greece out of insolvency. In fact, it is making Greece’s dire situation even worse. Further, the steps taken by the troika since it imposed its will on the country in 2010 have brought about an economic overhaul in Greece that has brought the economy to its knees, and is perhaps the worst collapse in any European country in eight decades. He says that the troika has imposed a €œtoxic program on Greece.

Most Of Western World Insolvent
So a bust-up is coming, and there is every reason to suspect that it is going to be bullish for gold and silver. The bust-up will result in people focusing on counterparty risk, and here is the big surprise, Eric. The rush to dump Greek debt will have a knock-on effect on other insolvent countries, or those bordering on insolvency, which is most of the Western world.
Gold and silver have their biggest up-moves when physical demand is strong and there is a rush out of paper assets into the safety of tangibles because they do not have any counterparty risk. The physical demand for gold and silver is there, and Greece has already lit the fuse of this time-bomb. So I am expecting much higher gold and silver prices in the coming months and years.”

Source King World News

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