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How Can There Not Be a Currency Crisis?

Below you can see well known financial blogger Mish Shedlock’s full presentation from the recent Casey Research Summit. He covers a lot of ground including will we see inflation or deflation, velocity of money and why he thinks there’s no chance of hyperinflation, and what to buy to prepare. He also makes a mention of New Zealand at around the minute mark, commenting that our share market is one of only 3 (USA and Canada being the others) who haven’t historically seen a negative return over 20 years when valuations have been at similar levels to now. That might sound like a good thing but he goes on to say – Just because it hasn’t happened in the past doesn’t mean it work happen in the future…

The Fed claims that signs of economic stress are very low, but savvy investors feel otherwise. With geopolitical unrest expanding and central banks doing the opposite of the right things, is a currency crisis barreling toward us? See what Mish Shedlock had to say about the state of world finance at the 2014 Casey Research Summit:

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