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How It Works and How To Get Started

GoldMoney (www.goldmoney.com) is our most trusted precious metal dealerships on the market. Gold Reference Team members have been dealing with GoldMoney for more than three years now and we are in particular happy with their professionalism and competence shown by each and every customer service staff.

GoldMoney is a well established company with a decade of experience. It also has the levels of security and integrity that Standard Life requires in a partner.’, says Alistair Hardie, Head of SIPP for Standard Life, UK. We couldn’t have said it better.

At GoldMoney they make it very easy for you to conveniently buy, own and store precious metals. The first step is to sign up for free to open a Holding, which is a personal record of your activity in GoldMoney and the metal you own. After a short verification process, you can transfer money to fund your Holding and start buying metals to preserve your purchasing power.

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