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How much longer can gold price intervention go on?

Ronald Stoeferle: How much longer can gold price intervention go on?

Answering the question for how long this can go is quite hard. The “powers to be” are able to control markets and situations for much longer than most of us believe. Gold market interventions, directly or indirectly, can go on for a long time, but not indefinitely. Stoeferle believes the final arbiter will be the physical market. In other words, when interventions will result in an exaggerated distortion, a physical shortage is very likely, and it will rebalance the market by driving prices (much) higher. Alternatively, would a collapse in the monetary system occur, gold could be invoked by central planners to rebalance the system.

Best not to wait for the central planners to decide on whether gold fits into the new monetary system, as by then it will be too late.
Local gold and silver suppliers will shut down over the Xmas / New Year break for a couple of weeks, so you won’t be able to purchase locally refined bullion until after the New Year holiday. However we will still have options to buy during this period. So if you see any price weakness (which is not uncommon at this time of the year) then get in touch.

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