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How to Find Shelter from the Coming Storms?

1. Don’t count on pensions maintaining their current purchasing power as the promises issued in previous eras are not sustainable going forward.

2. Lowering the cost of one’s lifestyle.

3. Establishing roots in a community of like-minded people.

4. Lessen your dependence on anything that requires debt and assets bubbles for its survival.

5. Control as many real resources as you can.

6. It’s easier to conserve/not use something than it is to acquire it or pay for it.

7. The easiest way to conserve energy and time is to live close to your work and to essential services/transport hubs.

8. If you can’t find work/establish a livelihood, move to a locale with a better infrastructure of opportunity.

9. If you buy property, do so in a state with Prop 13-type limits on property tax increases.

10. Be useful to others.

11. Trust the network, not the state or corporation.

12. Be trustworthy. Don’t be morally corrupt or work for corrupt/self-serving institutions.

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