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How To Invest

Keeping some of your savings in PHYSICAL precious metals, outside of the banking system, may soon be the only safe haven for your hard earned money.

Here you will learn WHY to invest, WHAT to buy, and HOW to acquire PHYSICAL gold & silver.

WHY Gold & Silver?

Has the same question ever occurred to you regarding currency – “why currency”?

Currency is simply paper or a digital number. With great assistance from the actions of our governments and central banks, the amount of it in circulation is growing rapidly.

Guide for New Investors

The 7 Requirements for True Money:ep.1

  1. Medium of exchange
  2. Unit of account
  3. Portable
  4. Divisible
  5. Durable
  6. Fungible
  7. Store of value

A currency may comply with most of these requirements, but history shows, again and again, that it certainly does not fulfill the last one; to be a store of value over long periods of time.

“Gold is real money because it has an intrinsic value!” Peter Schiff, CEO and chief global strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc.

“Historically, buying gold and silver has been an excellent way of preserving purchasing power over long periods of time.” James Turk, the Chairman & Co-Founder of GoldMoney

“Price means nothing. Value is everything.” Michael Maloney, the CEO & Founder of Gold & Silver, Inc.

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WHAT Type of Gold & Silver To Buy

GoldReference Team only promotes precious metals dealers with PHYSICAL gold and silver for home delivery or offshore storage (outside the banking system).

Gold Silver Bars Coins-rd

Let us also add that we strongly believe that you are better off owning pure gold (i.e. Fine Gold 999,9) and silver (i.e. Fine Silver 999,0) than any other types, e.g. junk silver 90% purity, numismatic coins (?%) or any paper gold (ETFs, gold certificates, etc.).

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HOW To Buy Gold & Silver

There are two ways to buy PHYSICAL gold and silver; either you buy for…

  1. Delivery to your doorstep, or
  2. Offshore storage outside the banking system

GoldReference Team prefers offshore storage in secure and insured vaults, as keeping too much in your own possession, e.g. at home, may be a danger for you and your family.

Simple step-by-step process on how to buy precious metals:


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Good luck with your very first purchase of PHYSICAL gold and silver!

GoldReference Team

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