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Incredibly Important Developments In Gold & Silver Markets

“Today the hedge funds are short a staggering 68,700 contracts. What makes this number even more amazing is that it represents an astounding 10+% of the entire open interest in the gold market of 667,000 contracts. So this is by far the hedge funds’ largest short position in percentage terms in history.

The bottom line is I don’t recall seeing anything like this since this bull market began 12 years ago. The hedge funds are now essentially battling against Middle-East and Far-East central banks and commercial banks. The problem is these central banks are behemoths compared to the hedge funds.

So the hedge funds are extremely vulnerable to a reversal in the gold market because of the physical demand in the market from these central banks. Also, he bullion banks get a bird’s eye view of the physical market, and when the time is right they will assist with the kill on these hedge fund and speculative short positions.

Read the complete article at King World News here.

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