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Investing in Gold in 2014

The economy is growing. Unemployment is down. So what does this mean for Gold in 2014?  For more than a year, we’ve watched the Federal Reserve manipulate the markets and keep gold prices down. Gold is now at a three year low, and now seems to be the time to buy.  People seem to either love or hate precious metals.  James Rickard, author of Currency Wars and Senior managing director at Tangent Capital Partners, LLC spoke to Bloomberg television earlier this week (January 2, 2014) and had a lot of positive things to say about gold in 2014. Bloomberg has the entire interview posted on their site.  Here are a few of his “nuggets” when asked about gold in 2014.  According to Rickards,

  •         the fed’s market manipulation is unstable.
  •         China is buying and storing as much gold as they can get their hands on.
  •         Right now is a good buying opportunity.
  •         his target price for Gold is $7,000.

“When it’s too late and you want to buy gold, you’re not going to be able to find it.” -James Rickard

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