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Mini QE To Support Currency, Fails

“First it was China whose affair with “tapering” was short and sweet, and after the banking system nearly chocked in June on the PBOC’s telegraphed tightening, the central bank has once again released the spigots with reverse repos galore. Then overnight, fighting a collapsing market, it was India’s turn to “flip-flop” on its recent tightening drives, when in an attempt to stop the Rupee’s implosion, the central bank announced it would purchase $1.2 billion in long-term bonds, along with other measures, in its first QE-like foray to stabilize markets and more importantly the currency (yes, in India QE is supposed, at least for now, to lead to a strong currency). And while it did manage to prevent another rout to the bond and stock markets, with the 10 Year bond yield falling below 9% and the Bombay Stock exchange bank index jumping more than 5%, the currency initially pushed higher only to tumble to a fresh record low of 64.59 as foreign investors continue to pull out capital.”

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