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New Arab Spring?

New Arab Spring Could Breed Chaos in the Energy Markets; MoneyMorning

Little  was actually resolved the first time around. Governments were displaced, a tyrant  here and there separated from his rule, and popular movements morphed into the  next battlegrounds. But where all of this will end up is anybody’s guess.

Actually,  each uprising has sprung from separate roots, has had different local targets,  and is undergoing transformations into distinct power vacuums.

It’s  this last consideration that may be the most significant for policymakers in  places like Washington and Brussels. Popular uprisings make for great headlines  but terrible direct routes to stable political outcomes.

And  that’s without any other problems to cloud our understanding of where events  are moving and what the outcomes are likely to be.

As  we experience the first phases in another round of unrest in these emerging  economies, another challenge presents itself that only heightens the stakes …  and reduces the time available for a peaceful resolution – growing energy  distribution issues in these economies.

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