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Platinum & Palladium: The Birth of a New Bull Market

See 6 reasons why it looks like Platinum and Palladium may have entered the beginnings of a 10 year bull run higher.

#1. Producers Won’t Meet the Cost of Production

#2. Inventories Are Near the Bottom of the Barrel

#3. The Strikes Will Make Recovery Difficult and Prolonged

#4. Russian Palladium Is Already in a Supply Crunch

#5. Demand for Auto Catalysts Cannot Be Met

#6. Investment Demand Has Erupted
Investment demand for platinum rose 9.1% last year. The increase comes largely from the new South African ETF, NewPlat. At the end of April, all platinum ETFs held nearly 89,000 ounces—a huge amount when you consider it was zero as recently as 2007.
Palladium investment fell 84% last year—but demand is up sharply year-to-date due to the launch of two South African palladium ETFs, pushing global palladium holdings to record levels. And like platinum, there was no investment demand for palladium seven years ago.
Growing investment demand adds to the deficit of these metals.

Source Gold Survival Guide


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