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Protect With Physical Silver Against The Financial Winter

As part of our research to unveil the best tactics and strategies to protect against the upcoming tsunami in monetary and financial markets, we have reached out to Charles Savoie, author and researcher, with a tremendous knowledge of precious metals history. Our question was how individuals and small investors can best protect during the hard times that are coming, which will most likely be characterized as turmoil and collapses (of all sorts of assets, including currencies, around the world).

Charles Savoie wrote a very useful document for our readers. It is entitled “The Best Monetary Insurance”, counts 38 pages, and is a mix of practical tips embedded in an historical context. The key message of Mr. Savoie is to hold enough silver in physical form, ideally a mix of formats, but for sure silver dimes.

Tip: Avoid damaged coins
Never buy coins with damage such as hole drilled, bent, clipped, etched (vandalized) or shaved rims.  There’s the inevitable coin with red nail polish, best avoided.  While date and mint mark checking is usually only practical in over the counter situations, and is unlikely to turn up anything of outstanding scarcity, it could help you in terms of being able to assemble some starter sets for sale to numismatic collectors.  So while you aren’t paying numismatic prices, you will be getting some numismatic values, as long as people want to collect coin series as a hobby or business.  It pays to print out a list of these mint issues and be familiar with them

Tip: Avoid high premiums
You can buy .999 silver as half, quarter, and tenth of an ounce rounds.  There is nothing wrong with these items.  However, know two things—the collectible value will remain less, and when you buy 90% coin, you aren’t paying for any manufacturing or minting premium.  You will pay such premiums with the smaller three-niners.  Seven dimes in nearly all cases can be considered a touch more than a half ounce of silver; and 14 dimes a full ounce.  In terms of how much silver is out there as separate items each weighing less than one ounce, definitely at this time, there is more 90% coin than these newer bullion items.

Tip: Where and how to store your bullion
If you don’t have a vault or safe, and plan to obtain one, you may consider paying cash, for clear reasons you can imagine yourself.  If it needs to be delivered and installed, arrange to have someone photograph the delivery personnel and the vehicle, from several views.  When my vaults were delivered to an off-site location I have, I remarked as they were finishing, “Now if I only had something worthwhile to store in them;” I then indicated I expected to inherit an antique gun collection in several years.  It never hurts to be careful.  Read “The Art Of War” by Sun-Tzu.  Many major military blunders, costing so many lives.  As always, check ratings first, and buy from the source with the best ratings.

Tip: Check what you are buying
Never buy a bag, half bag, quarter bag or tenth of a bag in a shop without first having it opened up and spread out, unless you have a long trust relationship with the dealer.  Paper rolls, more than plastic tube rolls, should be checked.  You aren’t accusing the dealer of dishonesty, you are verifying contents, because errors can happen on anyone’s part.  Eventually, due to real variations in silver weight in bags, these will have to be sold by actual weight rather than by face value times a factor!  Check ratings of Internet sellers before buying.  Many unfortunates out there are stressed out due to the Tulving fiasco.  I consider the 40% Kennedy halves (1965-1970) a poor choice as long as 90% is available.  The war nickel series, 1942-1945, contains even less silver, at 35% but is a better buy, weight for weight, if similar rates for contained silver are offered.  Those nickels are more historic.

Source Gold Silver Worlds

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