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Russia & China Loot Western Gold While JP Morgan Sells Silver

Eric King: “Jim, I wanted to ask you about silver and what is happening in that market?”

Sinclair: “You can clearly see that from the day the JP Morgan suit on silver manipulation was basically thrown out for the second time, the silver market has seen an explosion of selling and it has been trading very heavy.

So the volume of selling has risen constantly since that plaintiffs against JP Morgan attempted to have the suit reinstated, but it was thrown out for a second time. People have to remember it is easier to push the gold market around if you can make silver look weak. But I still believe we have seen the lows already in the silver market.

People that watch the gold and silver markets have to understand that silver is more widely owned than gold.  So you can create a significant amount of negative public sentiment more so in the silver market by making it look weak, rather than in the gold market.

The gold market is like a joust. It’s like the knights of old, fighting. Yesterday, three banks downgraded gold. This went along with the push to the downside. So, again, the takedown was totally coordinated. Yes, these operations are completely illegal and totally unethical, but that doesn’t matter in what has now become our brave new world.”

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