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Russian Economy in Crisis – Will We See Contagion?

Georgetown University School of Foreign Service Professor Angela Stent and West Shore Funds Chief Global Strategist James Rickards discuss Russian President Vladimir Putin and investing in Russia. They speak on “Street Smart.

The economy is in pretty bad shape.
The ruble has lost 50% of its value this year.
A year ago the Russians would have said if they would—would have said they needed $100 oil to move forward.
We know oil is about $53 a barrel.
They are facing a recession.
The former finance minister has said that.
All of the economic indicators look pretty bad.
As long as the western sanctions continue, they will be less confident about investing in Russia.
The economic indicators look pretty bad.
The big fear is contagious.
You were general counsel for long-term management.
You negotiated the bailout in the wake of the Russian the fall.

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