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Shocking Reason Dutch Got Their Gold

On the heels of one of the wildest days of metals trading in history, today one of the most respected veterans in the gold world stunned King World News when he spoke about the real reason he believes the Dutch got their gold back from the Federal Reserve.

It concerns the news that the Dutch central bank has returned 120 tonnes of gold to Amsterdam over the past 10 months from the vault in the New York Federal Reserve. People are asking why the German central bank is still waiting for the gold it requested long before the Dutch. Why are the Dutch getting special treatment?

There have been a lot of answers given, except what I believe to be the most logical one. It has been overlooked, but it’s obvious when you consider that the market for lending gold is centered in Europe. The gold has been given to the Dutch central bank so they can lend it out to help feed the insatiable demand for physical metal.

I have no hard proof to confirm my conclusion, but it makes sense when you consider that the Dutch central bank has been one of the most active lenders and sellers of gold. Looking first at what it has sold, as recently as 1992 the Dutch central bank had 1,367 tonnes, which was 4.7% of all the gold reported by central banks at that time. They now report 612 tonnes, which is just 2.1% of the gold reported by central banks.

The Dutch central bank has been one of the biggest sellers of gold. Remember too that it was the Dutch central bank that forced the pension fund of the Dutch glassworkers to sell the gold the fund held because the central bank said it was too risky. The good news here is that the pension fund won its court case, and the Dutch central bank noted in its annual report that it may be liable for damages to the pension fund.

Source KingWorldNews

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