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Silver & A Golden Opportunity For Investors

Rule:  “Eric, one of the things that’s been very interesting to me lately is the rapidly increasing dichotomy between rapidly rising oil and gas production, and stable to higher world oil and gas prices.  One would think that if the largest consumer of oil and gas on the planet, the United States, had very rapid rises in production that you would see a decline in oil and gas prices.  But it turns out that hasn’t been the case….

“As you know, Eric, most oil is produced by national oil companies, rather than private sector firms.  And I think that part of the explanation of stubbornly high oil and gas prices and the rapidly increasing U.S. production has to do with production declines in places like Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Ecuador, Peru, etc..

Another phenomenon we think is very interesting is the great dichotomy in natural gas pricing between market economies in places like the United States and Canada, and in the liquified natural gas trade, particularly with regards to the Far East.  This is easy to explain in one sense because when the Japanese took the Fukushima nuclear fleet out of production, the Japanese had to use natural gas as a replacement for nuclear in order to provide generating capacity.

Eric King:  “Rick, what about the gold and silver markets?”

Rule:  “There is an old saying that everyone is familiar with:  ‘Buy low and sell high.’  This is the time to buy low.  This is something that the more sophisticated investors need to stop thinking about and starting acting on.  Gold is headed higher over time, and silver moves faster than gold.  As I’ve said before, silver is gold on steroids.  We continue to believe that the fundamentals are strong for the metals, and so we are extremely excited about owning the gold and silver over time because we think time is on our side.”

Source King World News

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