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Silver Demand From 3 New Technologies To Grow 275% By 2018

Silver use in three fast-growing technologies could grow 275% over the next four years, according to new research. Produced for the Washington-based Silver Institute of international miners, refiners, wholesalers and manufacturers, the 22-page report notes that these newer uses of silver “might at first glance seem modest” compared to industry’s total 15,000-tonne demand for silver per year.

But looking at flexible screens, LEDs and interposers for stacking semi-conductor chips in electronics, London-based consultancy Metals Focus sees these 3 technologies together growing their annual silver use from 125 tonnes to 450 tonnes and more by 2018.

“Although not ‘new’ technologies” in themselves, says Metals Focus, their application of silver “is yet to reach widespread commercial use.” Indeed, it was the 4.5-fold surge in silver prices from 2009 to 2012 – caused by the financial crisis – which led mobile devices such as cell phones and e-readers to use other conductive ink materials, says a separate report from forecasting consultancy IDTechEx, focusing instead on using indium-tin oxide (ITO).

Source Hard Assets Investor

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