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Silver To Soar A Stunning 400% & Gold $1,500 In 10 Months

Ron Rosen: The bottom in silver just took place and it will have a large advance along the same timelines as gold, but the trip in between will be like flying in an airplane and hitting an air pocket.  It will take your breath away.  Silver should advance to $92 in about 10 months.

So you are talking about a 400% advance in that metal in less than a year.  Past that you are looking at a $130 price for silver as gold hits $3,700.  This means silver will advance 600% as gold roughly triples in price.  So silver will have an enormous move, but it will give you a heart attack because of the way it will trade during that massive advance.  Silver will outperform gold, but you will have to be able to stomach the gyrations if you want to take advantage of the massive price rise.”

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