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Stunning Shift In US Government & Fed Gold Policy

Gold is no longer the enemy of the dollar.  It might in fact be what saves it.  Eric, I have been talking to you about the Western suppression of the price of gold, and while that may last for a little while longer, I suspect that time period has now in fact come to an end.

What you are going to see now, and what the gold community doesn’t understand, is that the Fed and the West are now going to encourage the price of gold to go higher.”

Eric King:  “Jim, as you know up to now the Chinese have been mercilessly taxing the West out of its own gold.  Meaning the price of manipulation for the West has been devastating in terms of the outflow of gold out of Western vaults.  The advantage to the West of manipulating gold higher would also be to stop the flow of gold out of Western vaults because the Chinese do not like to chase price.”

Sinclair:  “Regardless of whatever opinions may be publicly given from Federal Reserve Governors, the Chairman, or from the US Treasury, there certainly is a very strong understanding of the history of gold and how important it is to any country, especially in times of stress.

It is very possible, and in my opinion probable, that the importance of gold is now being recognized at very high levels.  And from this point forward, it is my strong belief that the Federal Reserve will be more friendly, rather than the enemy of gold, and the price in the market will show you that I’m correct.

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