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Are YOU Saving Adequately For Retirement?

Why Are YOU Saving So Little? Contrary to what the media portrays, most Americans [does that include YOU?] are horrible savers. In fact, only 40% of Americans have enough in their savings accounts to pay for an unexpected expense [does ...

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What Retirees Should Know About Precious Metals

You may be familiar with the term “new economy,” which has been popping up quite a bit in the last few years. The term may confuse some; how can there be a new economy? According to The Nation, this phrase ...

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Nine ways to improve your chances of retiring early

The age of retirement is set to get higher as life expectancy increases. However, despite that, here are nine suggestions that may help you to retire sooner rather than later. 1. Choose cheaper versions of your investments 2. Max out ...

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Should Retirement Plans For Individuals Hold Precious Metals And How?

Diversifying a portfolio is the first thing they teach you about investment, especially for retirement plans. With these funds, security is often prioritized over quick, short term speculation. For that reason, precious metals and other commodities have now become preferred ...

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How to Find Shelter from the Coming Storms?

1. Don’t count on pensions maintaining their current purchasing power as the promises issued in previous eras are not sustainable going forward. 2. Lowering the cost of one’s lifestyle. 3. Establishing roots in a community of like-minded people. 4. Lessen ...

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U.K. Gold Demand Seen Rising

U.K. gold demand will get a boost from investors saving up for retirement if the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority adds bullion to its list of “standard assets,” brokerage GoldCore Ltd. said. The Financial Services Authority, replaced last year by the ...

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85% of Pension Funds to Fail in Three Decades

Bridgewater Associates did an analysis of pension funds recently and concluded 85% of them will fail if returns average 4%. Bridgewater notes that public pensions have just $3 trillion in assets to invest to cover future retirement payments of $10 ...

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