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Terrifying Chart Predicts Gold Spike

Today King World News interviewed a 60-year market veteran who made some absolutely fascinating predictions as we head into the end of 2014. He discussed what to expect in the major markets, including stocks, gold, and silver. Rosen also included an astonishing chart which predicts a gold spike as well as disaster for the global markets. Below is six-decade market veteran Ron Rosen’s remarkable interview.

Eric King: “Ron, this is a fascinating chart you feature below, Gold/Silver vs Dow Jones Industrials Index. What are the ramifications of this fascinating chart?”
Rosen: “The basis of the chart is the ‘Rule of Alternation.’ That’s a key that cannot be left out. And it has followed the Rule of Alternation ever since the creation of the Federal Reserve in 1913. If you look closely at the chart below, Wave D is in the process of topping, and this will lead to a collapse that will take the Dow Jones down to roughly 5,700 (see right hand side of chart below).

So if we were to eventually see gold and silver skyrocketing, along with the Dow and the S&P continuing to rise together, this will indicate that our government has embarked on a disastrous Weimar-style hyperinflation. However, if Leg E continues down in the Wave IV pattern, we will see a major collapse in the stock market averages. This will be against the backdrop of skyrocketing gold and silver prices. But either way, gold and silver will be the items to own. There is no other choice for investors who want to survive what is coming.

Source KingWorldNews

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