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The Dangers Of An All-Powerful FED

The Federal Reserve is the largest player in the world’s largest economy. It’s a behemoth that affects us all.

– “The Federal Reserve is more powerful than Congress.” Ron Paul[3] 
– And it’s on a runaway train
– Things cost 2230% more than at the Fed’s inception.
– While there was a 48% DECREASE in prices in the hundred years before.
Filled with Fiat Money

– Rapid expansion of the monetary base was used to purchase the toxic assets of the financial crisis. This enabled the reserve ratio to remain intact, in case there was a run on the banks. [6][7][8][9] 
– With $1.2 trillion lent to the top 30 banks in the world. [10] – A money supply that is too quickly increased risks hyperinflation. A risk to all of us, and particularly the elderly, who are often on fixed incomes.

Source The Online Accounting Degrees


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