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The Dollar Will Die, Silver Will Soar

“QE to infinity” is far more than a catchy phrase favored by financial bloggers to explain the Fed’s reckless policy of recent years…

It’s a most unfortunate reality. QE5 is already here.

The truth is the Fed and Treasury currently exist solely to sustain and expand ruinous asset bubbles.

They’ve launched QE infinity, refusing to taper asset purchases in an effort to perpetually expand stock, bond, and home prices.

The Fed has made it perfectly clear during its FOMC meetings that it has no intentions of changing its current QE policy — unless “employment and economic conditions improve.”

This is the one and only message they’ve sent out in the past three years, and it’s consequently sending home sales and our economy at large straight to the toilet.

The primary goal of QE5, the fifth phase of QE infinity, is to permanently cap long-term interest rates.

As Janet Yellen succeeds Ben Bernanke, we’re going to see more of the same: artificial economic growth.

Asset prices, interest rates, and credit creation will continue to be manipulated until a new system takes over.

But there is a light at the end of this dark tunnel. The tide is turning, and changes are underway…

We just have to stay proactive in navigating the madness in the meantime.

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