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The Next Danger After Putin Crushed IMF In Cyprus

The important point here, besides the fact that what we have just witnessed is a clear and decisive Russian victory and an IMF defeat, what is absolutely crucial is for investors to understand that a wrong decision by the IMF here could create runs on banks throughout the entire Western world that make the likes of what we have seen previously in Greece and Spain look likes child’s play.

What I am saying is that another major mistake here by the IMF could destabilize the entire Western financial world in such a way that it simply could not recover without unprecedented turmoil and destruction.  The bottom line here is Lagarde took on Putin, but Putin has checkmated both her and the IMF the same way a Russian grandmaster chess player would destroy his opponent.”

Sinclair also predicted: “Cyprus cannot, will not, absolutely must not leave the euro.  They know that quite well.  So the break of the euro market down into the 1.28 area must have sent shock waves through decision-makers in euro land.  Cyprus must be rescued because they cannot be allowed to leave the euro.  In the end, however, all of this will create a demand for other alternative ways of being able to support the value of money, and gold will benefit enormously from it.”

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