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War In Gold

What we are going through now is a fiat currency architecture that’s really on the precipice of self-destructing.  What we are going through now is an anomaly.  Paper currencies throughout history have never worked.  It’s always ended badly.  They’ve always collapsed under their own weight because governments have always abused them.

This currency collapse is going to happen again in our view.  So people need to be prepared for this.  Some portion of people’s assets needs to be in precious metals.  If you study history, and we have done this extensively, the way you could identify countries that were in secular decline is they were losing their gold.

The way you could identify countries that were ascending or on the cusp of taking global leadership in economic affairs, they could always be identified by gold migrating to their coffers.  That’s exactly what’s going on today.  China is in ascendancy, the United Sates and the West are in decline, and the gold is migrating to the East, which is where we are located.”

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